Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Kissing and Cooking for Couples by Kim Reutzel

Kissing and Cooking for Couples is a recipe to add spice and romance into your relationship. Learn the skills to divorce proof your marriage and keep your spouse hungry for more. It encourages you to cook because you need to, listen because you learn and kiss because you want to.
“Kissing and Cooking for Couples,” has eight chapters and 12 date night recipes. The chapters include faith based biblical advice on subjects such as: communication, turning conflict into compromise, controlling your thoughts, having realistic expectations, building on your differences, spending time together, and love. The date night recipes include: a menu, shopping list, finish the sentence cards, preparation topics, his and her cooking duties, scheduled kisses, kissing quotes, dinner topics, Bible verses, table prayer, advice from the marriage planner and advice from other couples.

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