Monday, September 22, 2008

It's a Paella Party with Chef Eduardo Balaguer

Tuesday, 10/21
It's a Paella Party with Chef Eduardo Balaguer!

The Barcelona chef, Eduardo Balaguer of Venga Paella Catering will be teaching me all about the different styles of Paella! Join us for the show.

What is Paella?

"Simply put it’s a rice dish from Spain, made in a round flat pan with any number of local ingredients and offered in a zillion combinations. However paella is so much more than that.

It reminds me of the summers I spent in Spain with my mother and aunts. It is a food that has always brought our family and friends together for any occasion. Preparing and eating paella was a celebration that was experienced by all of my senses. It was entertaining to watch, the smell carried the promise of the meal to come, and the taste was always delightful.

This is the experience that I share with people when I prepare paella. Whether it is for friends, a catered affair, or the farmers market, paella is not just a wonderful meal, it is also a joyous celebration of flavors, smells, and quality ingredients." - Chef Eduardo

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