Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Will Cook for Sex - Cookbook Author, Rocky Fino

Tuesday, 11/11
Will Cook for Sex, Cookbook Author Rocky Fino

The ‘Will Cook for Sex Guy’ is not even a chef, but he’s the nationally recognized, award winning author of Will Cook for Sex and Will Mix for Sex and has made his impact showing every day people that they can improve their relationship and their lives with a little effort in the kitchen.

Rocky learned to cook from his dad (‘The Old Man’) and has enjoyed cooking and eating since he was a child. It wasn’t until he got older that he was enlightened to the true value of cooking. “I realized that a short, big-nosed Italian wasn’t exactly a women’s first choice. I needed an edge. The first time that I experienced the results of cooking for a date that solidified my respect for food. I was young, the meal was marginal and she was too naïve to know any better. I got lucky. I never questioned the power of food again."

There are 2 truths about men and women. “Women love chivalry and men want to get lucky.” Cooking is the catalyst that can fuse the two. Too many others take food and dating seriously. It’s not supposed to be serious, it’s supposed to be fun. We need to enjoy and laugh at ourselves.

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