Thursday, October 9, 2008

Job Search Coach, Roxanne Ravenel, Returns to TRB!

Friday, 10/10
Family Friday - Roxanne Ravenel Returns + Tips for Being Well During the Cold & Flu Season

One of my FAVORITE BTR hosts, Roxanne Ravenel of the Savvy Job Seeker Show returns to the program. Roxanne is a job search coach. She'll provide an update on new services available for job hunters.
Tune in to the TRB Show to get the information and strategies you need for this tough economic time.

Also, we want you WELL this cold & flu season. So stay tuned for tips on keeping your mind & body strong! Johnetta Miner, NP shares her expertise as a certified holistic wellness coach.

Johnetta Miner recommended going on a 'news fast' to help clear our minds and improve our health. Basically, turn off the TV and stop wallowing in the gloomy financial forecasts. Several of us committed to try it. As a follow-up to the conversation, check out the NY Times article, "Overfeeding on Information"

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